Analysis Of Freedom Writers

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The film, Freedom Writers, directed by Richard LaGravenese in 2007, demonstrates an abundance of emotions, such as bravery and sorrow. The author, Erin Gruwell, shares the stories of her students who have experienced things from gun violence to emotional abuse, to show that the students will unite if they are understood, respected, and given an opportunity. The movie Freedom Writers is an empowering film as it shows that by taking advantage of the opportunities in one’s life, they can achieve many things. The film, Freedom Writers, took place in Long Beach, California, in the 1990’s. For most of the production, the setting was in room 203, at Woodrow Wilson High School. At the beginning of the film, the director uses horrifying scenes of building surrounded by flames, and multiple people being murdered. The tone then switches over to a serene atmosphere where Erin Gruwell is receiving a job teaching English to the freshmen and sophomores at Woodrow Wilson High School. However, there is a feeling of exasperation as the school's administration is continuously turning down Erin’s optimistic ideas. When Erin began her job, she grew overwhelmed because of the constant fighting and racism that became overbearing in the classroom. One day, in particular, Erin saw a racist drawing of her student Jamal. This caused her to relate the constant fighting and discrimination to the Holocaust. This was a turning point in the film as the student took an interest in the topic. A cause and
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