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Hilary Swank’s character, Erin Gruwell, from The Freedom Writers said, “I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world” (“Erin Gruwell Quotes”). According to The New York Times, Freedom Writers was written in 1999 and made into a film in 2007 and it was directed by Richard LaGravenese starring Hilary Swank, Patrick Dempsey, Margaret Campbell, Scott Glenn, and many others (Dargis). Freedom Writers is set in Long Beach, California where Hilary, who plays as Erin Gruwell, gets a new job as a teacher for which she is not prepared for. As the teacher of classroom 203, she deals with racism, violence, drugs, and unmotivated students. The Freedom Writers is a wonderful story with a clear message describing the cruelty of the Holocaust with many lessons that teachers in the same situation today could still be taught today.
In The Freedom Writers, Hilary Swank’s character and Patrick Dempsey's characters are married. Swank got a new job as a teacher at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in classroom 203. Her students are dealing with drugs, racism, violence, and are very unmotivated. The students believe that it is an accomplishment if they live another day in their neighborhood. Gruwell had to find new ways to teach these students and to make them motivated. She realized she had to change her way of teaching to get onto the students’ learning level and to motivate them. The students did not like

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