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Transforming a true story into a movie is one of enormous difficulty. The effort to keep the story true to what happened, but keep an audience interested is a difficult task. However, this was not the case with the Freedom Writers. The movie was directed by Richard LaGravenese with a starring cast of; Hilary Swank, Patrick Dempsey, April L. Hernandez, and Hunter Parrish (“Freedom Writers”). Freedom Writers begins with a teacher starting her first year of teaching at a school with students involved in gang violence and living in low-income households. The movie continues from there with a select class that she teaches and how she gets through to them, along with how they begin to open up. Freedom Writers is a powerful story with the intention of showing the importance of giving students an equal chance no matter where they come from, and important life skills can be learned from that knowledge. Ms. Gruwell, the teacher, struggles in the beginning to relate to the students and show them that attending school can be worth something to them. She is eventually able to find ways to have the students see she is there to help them. Gruwell even purchases them new books, which none of the students in the class were used to. She is able to grow and continue to get her students to open up. The use of a game helped show the students they are more alike than they previously thought. The game led to her giving them diaries to write their stories and if they wanted to share them with her; they could put them in a locked cabinet. She began reading them and this was when she truly started to see what went on within her students’ lives. She continues to find methods to keep them interested in school, a large factor was teaching them about the Holocaust. Breaking through to them and showing the students they were not alone in that classroom gave them a safe haven, a home. The students are the reason she fights to stay their English teacher the last two years of their high school career, and she succeeds. The end of the movie shows the students and Gruwell celebrating and displays photos of the actual people.
The movie displays a class full of students; who come from the streets, see violence every day, are in a gang, or

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