Analysis Of Fresh Romance

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Fresh Romance: Janelle Asselin was the editor of Fresh Romance. She orchestrated and organized a unique team of writers, artists, and other talented individuals in the industry that helped create the comic book magazine that she had envisioned for Rosy Press’s primary publication. By creating Fresh Romance Janelle Asselin accomplished many goals she wanted to accomplish when she entered the industry. Fresh Romance is a modern romance comic that has traditional themes, such as forbidden love, but takes a modern twist to these themes by introducing boundaries within the relationships, whether they are dealing with same sex relationships, such as Corrine and Malie, or different species relationships, such as Miles (a human) and Corrine (a witch) found in the School Spirit comic. Asselin assembled a set of comics that had a wide range of diversity in them with problems that a variety of readers could relate to. This type of diversity not only includes a diverse group of characters, but Fresh Romance itself contains a variety of different story lines from the complications and drama of high school relationships to the complexity of supernatural relationships. One example of Fresh Romance being both relatable and diverse can be seen in the comic School Spirit written by Kate Leth and illustrated by Ariel Jovellanos. In this particular section of Fresh Romance, the plot line of the comic is four high school seniors, Miles, Corrine, Justine, and Malie, who are dating people
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