Analysis Of Frieda's Fizz : A Successful Soft Drink Business

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Frieda’s Fizz is a successful soft drink business in New York for many years and they are exploring the option of expanding into other markets. The key to their current success is their reputation for offering a high quality soft drink with several unique flavors, for these reasons people are willing to the high price for their soft drinks. To help with the expansion Freda’s Frizz has implemented a balance scorecard to help them navigate through the process but they are uncertainties with some of the measures and there are pro’s and con’s with their process. Uncertainties exist about the best balance scorecard measures because the scorecard is a new process for the company so they cannot be sure if the selection is measurable and are the best solution for the company’s vision. The Managers do not knew if they have the ability to track the performance measure they have chosen and if the data will be an accurate outcome for the measures. There is no previous data to support or use as a reference point, so will have to do research on the markets that they choose and look at other companies in that market to see what they did when they entered that market and how they are being successful. The Manager might not have chosen the best measures for the expansion because they are choosing the measures that work for the current business and what works for that market. They need to consider measures that will be outside their comfort zone and think outside the

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