Analysis Of Friedman ' Friedman 's ' The Forces That Flattened The World '

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Friedman (2005) opens his book with the forces that flattened the world: “The global competitive playing field was being leveled. The World was being flattened.” He describes how each force has affected the developed and developing countries. The concepts Friedman provides concerning the flattening and shrinking of the world seem to be accurately reflected in many aspects of our lives. The effects of globalization, whether positive or negative, are a daily career and personal reality most of us have to face. The world feels much smaller now. The book provides significant information about events that just happened and are happening around us every day all over the world, the rapidly changing business environment, which we are all experiencing from the front row. Our lives are profoundly different than they were at the start of the millennium with such technology advantages. We are all trying to quickly absorb the changes and keep up with their resulting impact on our lives. The facts are that we are all personally witnessing profound global changes unlike anything that our forefathers could have imagined. When we wake up each morning, the world is different than it was the night before. Whether or not we are ready to accept these changes, the reality is that the world is changing and evolving right before our eyes, and these changes are likely to change all of our lives, some for the better, and some for the worse. Organized and informative, this book is very easy for anyone

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