Analysis Of Fuller 's ' It Says '

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Part 1: Overview of the period Fuller Fuller wanted women to have equal rights. In the book, it says “as men become aware that few men have had a fair chance, they are inclined to say that no women have had a fair chance,” (pg. 596), showing that men think less of women. She uses logos when she says, "The cross here as elsewhere, has been planted only to be blasphemed by cruelty and fraud. The name of the Prince of Peace has been profaned by all kinds of injustice toward the Gentile whom he said he came to save. But I need not speak of what has been done towards the red man, the black man." (pg. 596-597), meaning that this cruelty and discrimination against the minority groups is against the will of God. She made reference to the Bible to educate on an issue and support her point. Dickinson Dickinson wrote for a small and close audience. “Dickinson preferred to ‘publish’ her poems in letters to friends and relatives. Of the nearly 1,800 poems she wrote by the time of her death in 1886, Dickinson published only a handful in periodicals,” (pg. 942). Her poems may have seemed unconventional to larger audiences because they did not really identify with the common approach that many other poets at the time were using. “Although her poems would not have been viewed as violating moral laws or the laws against obscenity, Dickinson defiantly violated the metrical laws of poetry even as she subverted conventional religious values and beliefs,” (pg. 943). Part 2: Emerson
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