Analysis Of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime And Punishment

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Fyodor Dostoyevskys Crime and Punishment, an epic tale of suffering and redemption which offers an insightful look at the trials of protagonist Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov after his heinous crime and the struggle that, unbknownst to him, leads to his eventual redemption. The ending of the novel is where this moral and spiritual redmption takes place, here in the cold depths of his assigned Syberian prison, is where Rodya is finnaly able to realize the inner turmoil he faced throughout the entirity of the novel is in fact the guilt he harbored for having hurt these significant beings. Though somewhat idelaistic in nature Rodyas experience is nonetheless a reminder of everyones elegibility for redemption.

Raskalnikov begins the
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All of this transpires throughout the entire novel and leave Rodya in a weakened and grieved state by story’s end. Regardless of this however Rodya is able progress in his restorative process on account of a couple of specific acts and a few specific people.

In the course of the novel Raksolnikov encounters a few interesting people in his quest, among these are a certain drunkard by the name of Marmeledov, a negligent father and husband that later dies and leaves his family shattered. Rodya has a strange surge of compassion for this family even after he commits his crime and even gives them a large sum of money to provide for the funeral services. Characteristically Rodya is oblivious to the suffering of others so this selfless act is proof that his soul was not completely shattered by his act and that although he may fall back into his belief that he is truly the ubermensch for a moment what he truly can be, nay, what he is deep inside, emerges. Rodyas dear friend, although he does not always show his appreciation to him, Razhumin does everything he can to find the source of Rodyas “illness” Though he may not seem instrumental in his curing since Rodya usually shrugs of Ruzhumins generosity, by novels end it is clear that Rodya does appreciate his kindness and even trusts his sister to him as a sign of their friendship, it is only Rodyas stone cold demeanor that prevents
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