Analysis Of Garden Valley Hunger Center

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“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.” -Collins In the span of a few months, I have had the privilege of helping with programs that work toward ending hunger in Northeastern Ohio. I worked at three places, and they all have a great impact on the community they serve. Working with the people there, I gained a better understanding of how people become food insecure and how important these programs are. The kindness I was shown is astonishing, and being shown this affection made me build strong emotional connections to those I was helping. Volunteering at these centers gave me a lot of hope that diminishing hunger insecurity is possible. The first place I volunteered was Garden Valley Hunger Center (GVHC). The…show more content…
She gives me hope that there will be a change in society that will focus on ebbing hunger insecurities in America. Another program that I believe will eliminate hunger is the St. Pats Hot Meal Program. St. Pats is a church that serves hot meals to the community multiple times a week. When a group of peers and I got there, we spent some time with the kids that showed up while the kitchen was getting ready for the meal. We brought them coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, puzzles, and checkers. I sat across from a little boy who kept almost falling asleep. His grandma explained to me that he does not usually act this way. He is usually a ball of energy who bounces off the walls, but that day he did not have the energy because he was hungry. No matter how hard I tried to distract him with coloring or even a conversation, he could not stop thinking about how hungry he was. It made me really sad to think that someone’s hunger could be so bad that they cannot do anything. Food is a necessity, and being deprived of it can make you feel less human. I hate that in this rich, industrialized nation, there are severe problems. We need to focus on ending hunger in America, and places like St. Pats will help do that. We need to support these programs and expand them to reach all of the hunger insecure. By building upon these programs, we Ohioans
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