Analysis Of Gathering Blue By Lois Lowry

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Not being loved or belonged can make your feel depressed and hopeless. Not knowing what to do with your life or being clueless can give you pessimistic thoughts. Gathering Blue is novel by Lois Lowry that is about a girl named Kira who has to survive and belong despite the death of her mom and the so called death of her dad. It teaches her different situation by which she has to overcome without the help of her parents. Maslow’s Hierarchy is a theory that states all humans order of needs, not wants, that are key to surviving and belonging. In Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, the main character Kira goes through every level of Maslow’s Hierarchy throughout the book. It takes her the whole book to aculize, but she started from the bottom and worked her way to the top. In the beginning of Gathering Blue Kira is at the beginning level of Maslow’s Hierarchy. She does not have food to eat or water to drink and all she has is her and her dead mother in the field of leaving, which she is dragging to wait for the collectors to get her body the next morning because her spirit is finally gone. KIra is at the physiological level of Maslow’s hierarchy when her mother dies and she has no money to buy food for herself. Kira then hunts and looks for food and when she looks closer, she can see that even after the fire there was still fruit left remaining in her garden. With very little left in the garden Kira made the most of it and progressed to the second level. Also, KIra found inside the village from which she made sure she drank it carefully. But in the end, she has enough food and water left for survival but still does not have a shelter or home.
After Kira finds food from what is left from her garden, she is stumped on how she is going to get safety for survival, the second level of Maslow’s eory. Kira goes to the Council of Guardians to resolve her problem and ends up going to trial with another woman, Vandara. Kira does not feel like she can complete the robe and gets very worried and sad. She believes that she will lose her home and Vandara will be able to create a child control pen. After, Kira is granted her wish, and is allowed to stay at the council of edifice as her new home. When she makes her way up

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