Analysis Of Gawande, When Doctors Make Mistakes

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Critique of Gawande, “When Doctors Make Mistakes”
Atul Gawande in his article “When the Doctor Makes Mistakes” exposes the mystery, uncertainty and fallibility of medicine in true stories that involve real patients. In a society where attorneys protect hospitals and physicians from zealous trials from clients following medical errors, doctors make mistakes is a testimony that Gawande a representative of other doctors speak openly about failures within the medical fields. In this article, Gawande exposes those errors with an intention of showing the entire society and specifically those within the medicine field that when errors are hidden, learning is squelched and those within the system are provided with an opportunity to continue committing the same errors. What you find when you critically analyse Gawande, “When Doctors Make Mistakes essay is how messy and uncertain medicine turns out to be. Throughout the entire article you experience the havoc within the medicine field as the inexperienced doctor misapplies a central line in a patient.
Gawande in this article applies the surgeon precision to explain to us the reasons behind the uncertainty and the mess of medical care. In addition to this, Gawande provides us with some of the interventions which need to be applied and which will bring relief. This chapter therefore should be read by all students and health professionals. This is because Gawande believes that we can reduce the mistakes within the field of medicine and
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