Analysis Of ' Gee I Wish I Were A Man '

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During World War one, the United States Navy Recruiting Bureau, and the United States Treasury Department each commissioned posters featuring women who encouraged citizens to participate in the war effort. The two posters, despite being intended for the same purpose, depict women in particularly contrasting light. Analysis of the contrasting war posters can help illustrate society’s perspective about women during the early 1900’s, their expected roles pertaining to the war effort, the strategies used to engage citizens and encourage them to become involved, and the use of imagery and symbolism that were used to achieve the posters’ objective.
In the first poster, Gee I Wish I Were a Man, created by Howard Chandler Christy for the United States Navy Recruiting Bureau, depicts a cute, flirtatious women wearing an enlisted navy man’s dress blues, while declaring in bright red text to her left, “Gee!! I wish I were a man, I 'd join the Navy” while the names of the two departments of the navy are advertised below. The woman, who is adorned in a loose set of service dress blues, subtly flashes her bare shoulder while hiking up an invisible pair of suspenders and smiling good naturedly to herself. Wind sweeps at her hair and hat, and lifts up her jumper and neckerchief which adds movement to the poster, but also directs the eye to her internal thoughts, written out on the page in bright red ink. The woman’s allure combined with her cheery portrayal creates an attractive picture,…

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