Analysis Of Geoffrey Chaucer 's Canterbury Tales Essay

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Most people have experienced an event in their lifetime that has caused them to develop trust issues, and many of which will never overcome this lack of trust in others. There is a specific reason for this, and it all begins with the issue at hand itself, trust. Everyone with trust issues has been wronged and used relating to their trust in another person. They were betrayed by someone they never imagined could hurt them. As a recent song created by the rock group Phish has reverberated, “Each betrayal begins with trust.” Betrayal has been a common theme in all forms of literature since time began and is a part of being a social being, humans, that we simply cannot avoid. Where there is a relay of trust, there is an individual willing to extort it. Just as though some individuals will exploit power wherever they can find it in order to better themselves, others will exploit trust to better themselves. This first exploit of trust can be found within Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. While the whole entire work exposes corruptions within the Catholic Church during Chaucer’s time, the breaking of trust is actually demonstrated within the Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale. At the end of the Pardoner’s tale, he offers the pilgrimage relics, for a fee of course. However, at the prologue of the Pardoner’s tale, the Pardoner himself has explained how the Catholic Church and other fellow pardoners and church officials sell relics which are no more than normal items given with a
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