Analysis Of Geoffrey Chaucer 's ' The Wife Of Bath '

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Ta Lor Mr. Kaplan ELA 12 Period 1 27 February 2015 Pilgrim Evaluation Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English Literature, was the first to write in English for folks to read. One of his best known works of art would be The Canterbury Tales, which was written between 1380 and 1400 in England, but was never completed due to his death. It was composed in Middle English and portrays a great example of frame narrative. The Canterbury Tales begins with a group of pilgrims traveling from England to Canterbury. While they are navigating, they gather around taking turns to tell their own tales or for some, none at all. While both the Pardoner and Franklin are strong contenders for the Host’s prize of a free dinner, Chaucer clearly intended that “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” would be the strongest since Alisoun’s tale is most reflective of Chaucer’s established criteria with its strong moral messages and sexual humor. The Pardoner’s Tale includes some moral lessons as to mistreating the elderly. According to the teachings in the Bible, one should respect the elders. In “The Pardoner’s Tale”, the roisterers takes on a mission to find Death, but runs across an old man, showing no dignity of respect towards him. They insult him by asking why a man of his age is still alive and not yet dead, “What? Churl of evil grace, Why are you all wrapped up, except your face? Why do you live so long in so great age?” (Chaucer 256-7). The old man replies back and eventually tells them where he had just
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