Analysis Of George A. Romero 's Gory Film Land Of The Dead

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George A. Romero’s gory film Land of the Dead was released June 2005. Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies on the other hand has a scientific fiction undertone, and was released February 2013. Lately pop culture has had an interest in zombies. Both films chosen have a set contemporary standard of what a typical zombie is imagined to be. Whether created by supernatural sources or acquired by a virus, zombies are dead humans that now have the reincarnated mindset of instinctively hunting down and devouring the living. Those wounded by a zombie, become zombies themselves. Warm Bodies leans more towards the romance and comedy rather than horror. Whilst remaining true to the ideal zombie, the envelope is pushed with the unexpected direction that…show more content…
This becomes particularly clear when we are introduced to the Bonies, who were once zombies like R but lost their hope. When they lose their hope they peel away their own skin, the last vestiges of their humanity, and will be unable to connect again. R even mentions how they will eat anything with a beating heart, much like himself, but he feels ‘conflicted’ about it. Bonies are automatically set up as the antithesis of everything the movie stands for. They are the perfect villains and foils for the corpses and humans. In Romero’s Land of the Dead, zombies have taken over the world and the loose ends of humanity live within the confines of a city that is bordered on two sides by rivers and a manmade fence on the third side. Zombies are beginning to evolve and slowly learning how to manipulate objects and their surroundings. The plots are a bit predictable filled with pure terror and gore opposing Warm Bodies. While everybody else is merely set on survival, Julie is still hoping for a cure, still considers it a possibility. Like R, she is looking for something, and wants more. She is unique in her own crowd of zombies. The very next scene parallels the survivors with the zombies. The group of survivors set out onto the streets looking for what they need, and it intercuts with scenes of the zombies doing the same. They are more alike than they are different. In seeing the connected hands, the

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