Analysis Of George Churchill 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Exordium On behalf of Mrs. Churchill, the Churchill family, the British nation, and those around the world, we bid farewell to a great man, leader, and friend. This day I am both honored and saddened. I am honored to have this opportunity to highlight his life. I am saddened that the world will no longer have him. A man who brought his country and its citizens through terrible destruction. Churchill was a friend with whom the differences between us were vast. Our stance and opinions regarding our nations and the world, no closer. They divided not only us but also our people and prolonged the possibility of world peace. Churchill persevered with tenacity and vigor to change my mind, to no avail. Every dispute is freshly etched in my…show more content…
People turned to him in times of trouble to find a compassionate, courageous human being that cared about them and their well-being. Churchill had a gift to bring peace and unity through his excellent speaking ability and genuine concern for his common man. He instilled trust and belief in people that the government figures honestly cared. With this, Churchill offered hope and conveyed confidence to his fellow Britons. He displayed his famous “V” hand gesture to represent that he wanted to be victorious. He would often survey the damage from the daily bombings and console the weary. On a morning after a night bombing, Churchill watched a woman pulled from the rubble. The woman asked Churchill, "When are we going to bomb Berlin?" Churchill replied, “You leave that to me.” He gave hope and confidence to the people who turned to him. In doing so, he created unity, courage, and peace to those around him. Churchill made every effort to offer optimism to the people of Britain and the world. He truly wanted to protect the citizens of his homeland from harm and the tragedy that loomed around them. He endured in times of despair. It is tragic that this war has begun and caused such destruction and chaos. Britain alone has suffered from the loss of thousands of homes and lives. I believe in freedom for all, and I also believe in supporting a man. His great courage and strength have led his country to this
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