Analysis Of George Harold 's ' Lord Of The Flies '

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“Hand in your homework!”, Harold’s 3th period teacher yelled.

And so Harold had a sudden shock of realization: He had forgotten his homework back at home. The moment lasted for so long, however. The teacher simply ruffled through the papers, and then looked at Harold. “Harold. This is the 3rd time you’ve forgotten your work this week,” said by the teacher in a loud, stern voice. “I expect better from you, young man.” Did he really have to chew me out right in the middle of class?, thought Harold.

“Yes sir,” Harold said anyway. He would have to catch up with his work as more homework, making him even more miserable. With his memory issues, however, there was most likely to be more misfortune.

Harold walked into the lunchroom. The familiar scent of beef and mashed potatoes came to his nose. He looked around. Some were eating food, few were secretly catching up on work, and most were simply just having a good time. Harold walked over to the lunch line, thinking over his past few months. Summer was so carefree, being able to do nearly everything he wanted. And then school came, waking him up like taking a brick to the face. Now everything involved the process of doing work, more work, and the horrid of all, homework. But with his such problematic memory issues, it had brought him down to B. Some negatives, some pluses, but mostly just the stinky B. And he wasn’t happy about it, obviously. He had rather gotten depressed at his low academic scores. He never, ever, EVER had

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