Analysis Of George Lois 's ' The Masculinisation Of The American Woman '

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Image & Object Analysis

Description and Analysis

George Lois, who is an American designer, author and art director, designed the Esquire Cover, 1965 “The Masculinisation of the American woman”. The covers dimensions are 33.5 x 26 and feature a photograph of a blonde lady shaving, which was then printed and edited to make a printed magazine cover. This is one of 92 covers that George Lois created within 1962 to 1972. Although the cover does use text it only uses the text that is essential for the magazine such as the name of the magazine, the name of the cover and the magazine edition, which in this case is the March 1965 edition. In terms of the subject matter, this cover shows a pretty woman looking directly into the camera, which gives the illusion that the woman is shaving in front of a mirror. The woman photographed is an Italian Actress called, Virna Lisi, the concept was thought of by George Lois as he wanted ‘to capture a woman being manly and still beautiful’. The image itself is the largest item on the cover compared to the text. Although this concept went on to be one of the most successful covers that he had created, some thought that the idea was ‘too edgy’ and would cost them to loose clients. When designing this cover for Esquire, George Lois used a plain black background that allowed the reader to focus on the message that was being portrayed, which in this case was the masculinisation of women. If he chose to use a background, which was very

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