Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' 1984 '

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Tyra Bolden
Jennifer Byrd
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26 January 2015
Character is defined as brief outline of a personage who typifies certain qualities. The person is described, not as an individualized personality, but as a vice or virtue or type, such as a superstitious fellow, a county bumpkin, a happy milkmaid, etc. Similar treatments of institutions and inanimate objects, such as “the character of a coffee house,” also employed the term, and in the late seventeenth century, by a natural extension of the tradition, character was applied to longer compositions, some historical (Holman). 1984 is a novel written by George Orwell set in London, Oceania, in 1984. George Orwell, born as Eric Arthur Blair, was born in Bengal, India, and spent a year there after his birth. Orwell has an older sister who lived in Henley-on-Thames with Orwell and his mother. Orwell did not spend much time with his father until he retired from the civil service, but they never formed a bond. Orwell attended college at Eton University in Windsor, United Kingdom. Five years after Orwell’s first wife, Eileen O’Shaughnessy, died, Orwell proposed and married editor Sonia Brownell. Orwell most well-known works are Animal Farm and 1984. Unfortunately, Orwell did not have a chance to thrive off of the success of 1984 because he was battling tuberculosis, which was a battle that he unfortunately lost (“George Orwell”). The novel starts on a cold April day in the post War World II European totalitarian power

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