Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984

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In 1984, by George Orwell violence contributed to the plot by having three stages of reintegration. The stages are to learn, understand, and to accept, Winston was forced to learn that 2+2=5 under torture, understanding that the party is good, and seeks power for its own. Winston accepts and understands the Party and Big Brother as soon as Winston wishes the burden of torture on someone else who he loves, and to learn that Big Brother is eternal and that 2+2=5, Winston then is committed and loyal to the Party and its understands purpose, as he awaits his execution to prove his devotion to the party. At the beginning of the reintegration, Winston Smith was forced to learn under torture by O’Brien that 2+2=5 because that is what the Party says. The text state’s “’How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’ ‘Four.’ ‘And if the Party says that it is not four but five-then how many?’ ‘Four.’ The word ended in a gasp of pain…The needle went up to sixty…The pain flowed into Winston’s body…Perhaps the needle was at eighty-ninety…’How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’ ‘I don’t know. I don’t know. You will kill me if you do that again. Four, five, six-in all honesty I don’t know.’ ‘Better,’ said O’Brien” (Orwell, 249-252). This scene illustrates that Winston was forced to learn that 2+2=5 or else pain would be inflicted upon him. O’Brien manipulates Winston to learn to obey the Party. Not only is Winston forced to learn, he is forced to understand the reasoning behind the
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