Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Animal Farm '

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Farmhouse or Powerhouse? The Kremlin is known as a synonym for government; however, could a farmhouse be a symbol of government too? Some cases, such as in Animal Farm, say that it could. In George Orwell’s novella Animal Farm, Orwell symbolizes the Manor Farm’s Farmhouse as Moscow’s Kremlin through its uses, residents, and events to show that leaders often elevate or separate themselves to maintain their power over their subjects. The Kremlin is a monumental building in Moscow, Russia. Dating back to 1156, the Kremlin was constructed originally from wood. Losing its importance as a fortress in the 16th century, the building became the center of Russian government…show more content…
The house, to the animals was a delicacy and a quiet place of residence for Mr and Mrs Jones, the owners of the farm; whereas, the Kremlin was used to house Czars, men of power, and was described in the same manner by citizens. The farmhouse in Animal Farm is where Jones makes his decisions regarding his farm; likewise, Czar Nicholas II makes his decisions for his country inside the Kremlin. Showing that both places represent a place where they could think and decide on ideas whether they be a crop plantation or a city law. When the Revolution began, Czar Nicholas II was run out of the Kremlin by the French (Borrero 240). Soon after he left, he became furious and decided to revisit to declare war on all of those who betrayed him (Price). Much like the incident of Mr. Jones being kicked out and coming back to regain leadership. During the beginning stages of the animal’s rebellion, Mr. Jones is removed from the farm. However in both cases, the rulers return. Jones returned with all his men, prepared to win back his land. Yet when he arrived, his previously owned animals threw themselves at the group of men, and, in the end, overpowered them. This power struggle between man and animal resulted in Jones and his men leaving, mostly for good. The animals uprised and managed to get to enough of the men to scare them all away. Where there is power there is good and evil, but with excess, prior ideas can
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