Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Animal Of Power '

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The craving of power is analogical to the characteristics shown by greed, furthermore explaining the interest a tyrant evokes in money and dominance. George Orwell conveys his interpretation of greed by utilizing the aim and the purpose of a fable. A fable teaches a moral lesson to the world and usually uses characters that speak and behave like humans. Early in George Orwell’s novella, an example of greed is provided when the pigs steal the apples and milk for themselves under the false simulation of it being for the merit of the farm “to preserve our [pigs] health” (Orwell 52). Squealer decieted the farm animals through the use of propaganda, which is manipulation and control of language, by portraying the pigs as saviors. Squealer 's…show more content…
Comparably, before Mr. Jones was deforced out of Manor Farm, he was a leech feeding off of the majority of animals, who were diligent workers. Basically, the idea expressed is that wealth and integrity cannot coexist (Kathleen Elkins 2). Money is not valued enough to buy manners, morals, respect, character, trust, class, and love (Frank Sonnenberg 2). Moreover, Napoleon resists to divide up his portion of sugar that was placed on his table with the other pigs, due to making “them fat” (Orwell 116). Similarly, in the human nature, beings formulate various forms of excuses to fit their desires, ensuring that priority reflects their own self first before others, a key factor to signify selfishishness. The irony pointed out is that Napoleon declares sugar to be the cause for the pigs’ gain in body weight, despite the fact that he is considered as part of their species. Corrupt and avaricious pigs care less about the animals, availing the privileges of acquiring power.
The pigs inherit Mr. Jones’s garments and morals throughout Animal Farm to demonstrate how Mr. Jones’s power permits to influence the pigs, who were previously against his regulations. After a long period of observing the conditions of the farm and its creatures, the pigs commenced to grow tedious from their customs and ordinary routines, yearning to experience a man’s livelihood. Napoleon is deceived by Mr.
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