Analysis Of George Orwell 's The Dystopian City Of London

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“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state” (Chomsky 17). Propaganda is an arsenal used to deceive innocent civilians, a method of mental dominance and cultural preeminence. Governmental control is often reliant on various factors, propaganda being the most conniving tactic. This tactic can be observed in most communist, dictatorship, and totalitarian governments; all of which are political bodies wherein the government constantly demands supreme authority. Civilian indoctrination or propaganda is the sword that can pierce through the principles of freedom, rights, and democracy. Yet the sword is also the ammunition, the driving force for ethnocentrism, ignorance, and domination. 1984, by George Orwell, pictured in the dystopian city of London in Oceania, follows the rebellious and perplexing life of Winston Smith. Orwell’s works are often expositions of controversial propaganda, and 1984 is no anomaly, following the chronicles of Smith’s vulnerability to the propaganda of the Big Brother and the Party. The unscrupulous radicalization of youth, deployment of calculating contrivances that violate mental parameters, and employment of indelible expressions are all forms of the ubiquitous propaganda that plagues the lives of the civilians in the Party-led Oceania. Privacy is often encroached using propaganda, however, this tactic can be a violation into tangible and metaphysical space, a violation that transforms the mental state and mere…
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