Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Elephant '

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George Orwell began the essay with his perspective on British domination. He stated that it is evil and alongside of that it is oppressive. He felt hatred and guilt toward himself and the Burmese people. The people of Burma did not feel threatened because the narrator of the story had killed the elephant. The Burmese people have lost their dignity and integrity while trying to fight off the British imperialism. Orwell uses allegories to describe his experience of the British imperialism and he had his own view of the matter of slaying the elephant. He successfully used ethos, pathos, and logos by attracting the audience to read his story. He had to make a scene in the story to make the people of Burma feel the same emotion. The elephant was the one reason why it makes this story emotional. He used logos to show that he can kill the elephant even if he does not want to so that it does not make him look fool.
Logos is used to show logic and persuade an audience by reason. When the author talks about the irony and the reality of imperialism, he compares himself to the figure of a sahib. The comparison to the sahib is a term that was used to name aristocratic rulers. It is an important symbol of their cultural image. British imperialism is a hostile environment and does not justify exploitation by controlling the Burmese people. The story sets the tone of the author’s story to be un-comforting. This story shows his flaws and how he taunts others, even his own people of Burma.…
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