Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Farm '

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During the middle of Section 3, Candy is told about a vision about buying a farm by Lennie. The farm has an important meaning because it is what keeps them going and hoping that one day their dream of buying a farm will be made a reality. It is their source of hope. It supplies mostly Lennie with comfort from the physical and mental pain they are put through. They work really hard to make their boss happy but the thought of them living through a time of not having back-breaking work wear them out and having control over themselves puts them at ease. This passage defines their idea of an American dream which is a very important element in the story where they have liberty, can count on themselves and can pursue true happiness. It…show more content…
At the beginning of Of Mice and Men, George is an idealist. He does not feel discouraged by loneliness, because even though his lifestyle is harsh , he still has Lennie. He always tries to find a meaning to life. Aside from the harsh facade that he puts on , he believes that someday they will have brighter future and get their dream farm along with Lennie. When George shoots Lennie, he does it for the better because he saves Lennie from the cruel death that he would have been subjected to by Curley’s mob. Not only does he kill Lennie, but he kills the American dream they had that was originally supposed to become a reality with Lennie by his side. Double Entry Journal At the end of Section 1, George discusses and explains their friendship from his point of view while camping out in a clearing before reaching the ranch. He compares his lifestyle to others and tries to get George to see that they are lucky to have a special friendship especially when people like them get overwhelmed by loneliness. George and Lennie’s relationship is based on being there for each other and keeping each other company and that is the heart of the story. Of Mice and Men demonstrates that when you have someone to come to come for guidance and protection, it is easier to overcome their type of lifestyle where human nature is not at its best. George , Lennie , Candy , Curley’s wife and Crooks all shared one
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