Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Book III Chapter III In 1984, George Orwell portrays the effects a government can have on their citizens if their powers are not restricted. The unlimited power a government has over its citizens can be defined as totalitarianism. In the effects of this type of government can be most clearly seen from the citizens in Oceania. The dictator referred to as “Big Brother” tells the citizens what to do, eat, and wear. A result of an oppression filled government can be seen through extreme emotions of their citizens. Orwell goes on to write his ideas on totalitarian government and the corruption of Oceania. The book starts out with Orwell introducing the protagonist, Winston Smith. Smith is a minor member of the ruling Party in near-future…show more content…
The third chapter of book three starts out with O’Brien and Winston in a small-condensed room. O’Brien is a key member in the ruling Party and thus far, agrees with the Party’s ideals. Winston is lying flat on his back chained to his bed, as O’Brien talks to him about the ruling Party. He believes that There are three stages in your reintegration,’ said O’Brien. ‘There is learning, there is understanding, and there is acceptance. (Orwell p. 329)” O’Brien says this as if Winston has a problem or is facing a deep issue. He then goes on to rant about the superiority of the Party. As Winston is tied down to his bed he listens to O’Brien’s views on the Party. The main point Smith comes across is the repetitive idea of the Party ’s power. O’Brien says, “Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship (Orwell p. 333).” This is a perfect example of the universal theme of totalitarianism throughout this book. O’Brien clearly stated that the only reason the Party wants power is to control the population in a dictatorial sense. This idea can be easily compared to Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia. Both dictators only wanted power and they would silence anything that got in their way. Big Brother is similar to both these totalitarians because he too wants power. To receive that power and his authoritative position he has to be willing to do anything,
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