Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Setting: an uninhabited tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, sometime around World War ll Major Conflicts: The boys are abandoned on the island with no adults to supervise them, and while some boys try to keep things in order, others simply want to convert to the savage lifestyle that they find exciting and like nothing they’ve experienced in England. A couple boys lose their lives in this intense struggle for survival while the need to be rescued becomes much more urgent. Major Characters and Major Choices They Make: Ralph: • As leader, he makes the executive decision to keep a fire going at all times in order to signal passing ships. • He and Piggy decide to go to Jack’s fire, where they are urged to join but refuse, and Simon is killed. • He, Sam, Eric, and Piggy decide that they must take back Piggy’s glasses, so they grab spears and confront Jack’s tribe, where violence erupts. This violence results in Piggy getting killed and Ralph being forced to run and hide in order to avoid being killed. Piggy: • He advised Jack to blow the conch in order to summon the others. • He is the thinker of the group, and he comes up with several ideas for the tribe, such as a sundial. Jack: • He urges two boys that were supposed to keep the fire lit to hunt a pig instead. While they’re hunting, a ship goes by, but there is no fire so there is no smoke to signal the ship. • He decides that the boys need to camouflage themselves, so they put clay on their faces. These masks lead to
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