Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Wake up "Big Brother Is Watching You
"Big Brother Is Watching You” (Orwell 1). One may ponder the thought of living in a world where the powers that be controlled, every step one takes and every move one made. Image the control being so drastic that it controlled one’s telepathic thought. There have been many who envisioned the thought of government surveillance. One of these visionaries is George Orwell. Orwell implemented his warnings to private citizens of his era, about these dangers through fictional writing. On June 8, 1949, George Orwell published a book titled 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four) (GWB). In his book, Mr. Orwell effectively shapes the aspects of how the ramifications of World War II opened the doorway to a radical totalitarian government.
Kairos comes from Orwell’s experiences during the historical rise of the totalitarian government. “The rise to power of dictators such as Adolf Hitler in Germany and Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union inspired Orwell’s mounting hatred of totalitarianism and political authority” (SN). In his book, he designed and created characters that give an insight of the world he believed at a point would come true. Orwell painted a picture of deception, manipulation, torture, total control and love all in one. Giving the people of his era a warning to stop being so blind and take notice. Are privacy and individualism something you value, do you care.
George Orwell is an English writer from Motihari India. He liked to focus on social
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