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The person I chose for this paper is Oliver Queen. He is also known as Green Arrow, and is a character in the DC Comics franchise. Oliver’s alter-ego, Green Arrow, rose to popularity recently with the television show Arrow that premiered on television in 2012. I chose Oliver because he is a fascinating character, and is much more than the millionaire playboy that people only know him as in his universe. Oliver is smart, caring, and has suffered a lot in his life. Based on the diagnosis standards of the DSM-5, my primary diagnosis for Oliver would be posttraumatic stress disorder, with a secondary diagnosis of major depressive disorder. Oliver has a lot to discover about his past and hopefully this will give insight to his character.…show more content…
(“Lone Gunmen”, 2012) Symptoms Among the symptoms in the DSM-5 for posttraumatic stress disorder, Oliver displays most (if not) all of them. He frequently has flashbacks to his time on the island, which show him in a various situation that is traumatic in nature. Oliver also consistently has nightmares, this symptom being defined by the American Psychological Association (2014) as: “Recurrent distressing dreams in which the content and/or effect of the dream are related to the traumatic event(s).” Oliver has other characteristics that would support this hypothesis. He tends to avoid any topics that would be discussing his time on Lian Yu, or anything else that would remind him of the traumatic events that have occurred in his life. This would be explained as avoidance or attempting to avoid activities, places, or anything else that reminded one of their trauma (American Psychological Association, 2014). Once returning from the island, Oliver becomes withdrawn from his family and friends and does not seem eager to be around people, displaying the symptom of “socially withdrawn behavior”. (American Psychological Association, 2014). Oliver’s responses to his trauma have been showing themselves since the first episode, titled “Pilot” (2012). In this episode, he experiences a nightmare and almost kills his mother when she tries
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