Analysis Of George W. Bush

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On the evening of September 11, 2001, George W. Bush managed to change the country forever with a simple three letter word. President Bush gained numerous advantages following his renown speech. Many Americans lost their lives on 911 due to terrorism being used as a form of communication. Language is the cornerstone of all known societies and is essential for a country to thrive. Without language there is no understanding. Without understanding conflicts are inevitable.
The Bush administration obtained a substantial amount of advantages solely from calling the 911 attacks a “war”. American citizens believed that they were obligated to trust every decision the government made. Primarily because American citizens believed that it was unpatriotic to disagree with government actions concerning the “war” against a perpetrating country.(Denton 2) Bush and his administration created a larger margin of error for themselves considering the American citizens most likely would not question any government decisions pertaining to the “war”.
President Bush put himself on a high pedestal for a reason. By calling 911 a “war” Bush established the idea of an unquestionable retaliation. This instilled in Americans that their president would make confident, decisive decisions following a tragedy. Repressing doubts or concerns from opposing parties as well as persistent naysayers of President Bush.
One of the biggest advantages gained from addressing 911 as a “war” was sending a…

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