Analysis Of George W. Bush 's Presidency

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Michael DeFelice
The US Presidency
Dr. White
9/11 and The War on Terror Were Crucial to President Bush’s Legacy George W. Bush’s presidency was arguably one of the most difficult terms in the white house. A smart, cunning, and charming man was transformed into what many see as a “wartime” president. Following the events of the airborne attacks of the world trade center on 9/11 many say President Bush “faced the greatest challenge of any president since Abraham Lincoln”. George W. Bush’s presidency could be viewed many different ways. Perhaps the most important events that defied him as a president include 911, The War on Terror, and Hurricane Katrina. On July 6th, 1946 George Walker Bush was born in New haven Connecticut at Grace- New Haven Hospital. His family moved to Midland, Texas where he lived for the remainder of his childhood. His father George H.W Bush was Ronald Reagan’s voice president (1981-1989) and President of the United States (1989 to 1993). Bush was raised in Texas and attended public school until seventh grade where he then attended The Kinkaid School, a private school for two years. He himself moved to Massachusetts where he attended The Philips Academy, an all-male boarding school for the remainder of secondary school. Upon Graduating secondary school he then attended Yale university (1964-1968), and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in History. While at Yale he was a cheerleader as well as being the active chapter president of Delta
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