Analysis Of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, And Mother

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Rachel Hutter: Engineer, Imagineer, and Mother “If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?” This question is most commonly asked at an event filled with a large group of strangers, as an icebreaker. Many would typically answer, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and maybe if someone wants variety they could say someone like Marie Curie. All of these answers are superficial and simply the first historical person that someone could think of. In fact, I know I would have answered with George Washington. He was the first one to my mind, but why? Do I really want to have dinner with George Washington? What would I even talk to him about? I imagine the conversation would go something like this, “ Me: So uhm, I just wanted to thank you for crossing the Delaware River and stuff, that was pretty amazing and really impacted the rest of our country and our freedoms, thank you. George: Yeah happy to, I ‘m glad I did that too. “ *Proceed to eat lunch quietly because I don’t have questions nor really care. I could just read a history book and know the information I would ask from him. So when I was asked, “what engineer would I want to have dinner with?” it made me really hesitate and actually think for a minute. To then specify further and be asked what women engineer I would want dinner with made me really self reflect. What questions would I want to ask another female engineer? What are my final goals? What makes
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