Analysis Of George Washington 's Farewell Address

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The document, George Washington, Farewell Address, was a letter written to the citizens of the United States of America. It allowed outgoing President Washington to give advice on how to maintain the nation after he was gone. He advised our politicians to act in good faith towards all nations and to make an effort to keep peace with other countries. He cautioned to remain connected to God, maintain high moral principles and to set a good example, one that is guided by a sense of justice and kindness. He also advised that favoritism, not be shown toward or hostilities against other nations as this would cloud our judgment. He told us to remain neutral and detached since that would keep the country from being dragged into a fight. Having favorite nations could pull the nation into a war that it never wanted to be involved in. A nation that has a devoted attachment to another could find itself involved without merit in their affairs and might become controlled involuntarily by their actions. He implored the people of this nation to not allow foreigners to influence our policies or our actions as a nation. He advised us to trade freely with others, but keep politics at bay and to keep our already formed alliances but create no more. He implored that America remain free of European entanglements and that due to our location it should be easy to do. We have no business in their business. He advised that other nations would respect us when they saw us at peace, guided
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