Analysis Of George Wilson 's ' God ' Freaking Idiots '

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God, Freaking Conformists
(A constructed response to a quote by Colin Wilson) Conformity is a thing that most people succumb to unknowingly. A quote by Colin Wilson describes those poor souls as follows, "The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain”. This quote could be interpreted as an insult of man and their cowardice, but if you look past it and think about the context of the world the quote is applying it becomes a massive discrediting of all that man stands for. The quote looks past the trivial little man and looks more so at the center of this damned society. This quote looks to denounce three major systems that perpetuate a constant stink of society breaking conformity. Those three horrendous breeding grounds of conformity are as follows, organized religion, patriarchal society, and the educational system. Organized religion is the end all be all source of the plague that is conformity. Ever since the dawn of the first organized religion man has felt the pressure of his traitor’s brothers to not think for himself and just take what this new religion is telling him to do. This new religion and could tell this man to kill his first born for his god, and without thinking he would do if for the good of his lord. Does this man want to do this? Well, he has been so indoctrinated by his peers and his society that you should be a faithful man and listen to your god. This man’s mind would be so clouded…

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