Analysis Of George Yancy 's Look, A White !

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Topic 1: What does Yancy mean by “flipping the script”? Do you agree with Yancy’s perspective? Why or why not? Explain. In the introduction of George Yancy 's book Look, a White!, he suggests a technique for bringing awareness of racism into view which he calls “flipping the script.” As being a person of any minority in the United States marks that person as such, this leaves the white person unmarked as virtually no explicit attention is called to white skin color. Often in encounters between whites and minorities, the minorities are called out in the usage of language such as, “that black man...a black woman...or the hispanic person.” Whites are typically not referred to beginning with their skin color in the manner in which most…show more content…
She pointed out flaws of the brown-eyed group and seemingly better traits of the blue-eyed group that made her statement seem correct leading to a generalized prejudice. Elliot then made rules for the groups, including that of recess time, drinking fountain privileges, lunch privileges, and segregation on the playground, giving advantages to the superior blue-eyed group and disadvantages to the inferior brown-eyed group which is a small-scale simulation of societal and governmental oppression of minorities. The kids laughed at the “other 's” misfortune, two kids of each group got into a fight, and hateful things were said by the “good” group while a look and feel of disappointment, shame, and exclusion was shown by the “bad” group. The roles were effectively reversed on the second day by using the same methods. The brown-eyed group were more than happy to give their collars to the blue-eyed group. The situated identities of the children were changed by Jane Elliot, an authority figure, by declaring that people of one eye color were better than people of another. She pointed out flaws and supposed shortcomings that made the one group seem inferior and the other group adopted this generalized view. This turned into discriminatory rules and acts in the class and on the playground. Before the study Jane asked the kids, during National

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