Analysis Of Gilman 's ' A Mountain Path ' As ' Road '

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“Charlotte Perkins Gilman” was an American writer of diminutive stories, poems, and nonfiction. She was a utopian feminist as well as a socialist who served as a paradigm for future generations of feminists. “An Obstacle” is one of the optimum workings of her during her life span. In her poem, Gilman explained women’s struggle to accomplish egalitarianism with men in a very vivid illustration. Gilman referred ‘a mountain path’ as ‘road’ which a woman has to surpass in array to reach equality, as it takes additional endeavor to climb a mountain then walking on a plane path. It signifies that the mode to reach the destination of impartiality is certainly not a piece of cake for women especially in this form of civilization where women are considered inferior to men. “When we (Women) are burdened with many things to do, important business of my own, and other people’s too” signifies the quantity of effort they are exerting in their day to day life. Women saunter through the hard way, bringing with her many things, not only for herself but for others also. Her expedition was going well but not for long. A Prejudice thwarts her endeavor. Prejudice here refers to patriarchal society (both men and women) who believe that women are the subsequent sex. Second verse strengthens the first, that Gilman’s attempt to attain equality was not a simple thing to do with her limit time and vigor. Prejudice made her struggle harder coz it hindered her journey. In Third and fourth stanza
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