Analysis Of Gish Jen 's ' Who 's Irish?

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In the short story "Who 's Irish?," by Gish Jen, the main character is a fierce and detriment old women who is nearing the end of the line when she can 't handle her granddaughters behavior. while reading “Who’s Irish?” again I became interesting in knowing about how gender inequality in china has changed over the last several decades since the story was written, and wanting to narrow the topic I focused on inequality in education in China. Not many women were fierce and independent women who could make a life of their own, which then brought up the question, has gender inequality changed in Chinese culture? Or to narrow it down some more how has gender inequality in education changed in Chinese culture? Though slowly gender inequality has been changing in education in Chinese culture and all of this is shown through research looking at, economic growth, rural and urban areas, and the one child only policy. Like the rest of the world, gender inequality in education has been a large problem in China, but scholars have noted that it in the last several decades’ gender inequality has been decreasing because of economic growth. Dong Qiang et al. states that through their research findings they have discovered that the inability to read or write was commonly found in women and that men were more likely to have higher education and more years of schooling, but now thanks to economic growth the differences between male and female education opportunities have been decreasing (72).
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