Analysis Of Glengarry Glen Ross By David Mamet

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Everyday people use speech to relay their thoughts and feelings. Some people’s jobs revolve around speaking to others to convince them that they have a better idea for their investments and that they know what is best for the customer. Such jobs include those of salesmen. Their sole job is to convince their customers that it is in their best interest to buy their product that they are trying to sell. The film adaptation of the play Glengarry Glen Ross written by David Mamet, illustrates how salesmen are able to convince other groups of people that they know what is in the best interest of their customers by each salesman’s particular word choice and speech. In the movie, the customers are often weak men that are not able to stand up for…show more content…
For example, in the beginning of the film, Blake comes into Premier Properties and unleashes himself and goes off on each of the salesmen. He makes them question their own actions specifically by the way he speaks. At one point, Levene is trying to make a cup of coffee and Blake mandates him by saying, “Put that coffee down. Coffee’s for closers only” and Levene listens (Glengarry Glen Ross). Later in the same scene, he is able to get Aaronow, Moss, and Levene’s attention by telling them that they are all fired and the only way to get their job back is by earning it. Blake is an expert in engaging others and makes them listen to him no matter what it takes. He constantly uses profanity to emasculate the salesmen, which gets his points across that he means business. As another example, Roma is also able to persuade others by weakening them and making them feel as if he is the only one that can help. Roma is able to get one of his customers, Lingk, to close a deal by first getting him drunk, and then follows it up by appealing to Lingk’s emotions and being personable. Roma also uses literary devices such as, repetition and rhetorical questions in order to convince him to buy the property: Stocks, bonds, objects of art, what are they? An opportunity. To what? To make money? Perhaps. To lose money? Perhaps. To indulge and learn about ourselves? Perhaps. So fucking what? What is it? – They are an opportunity, that’s all they are. They are
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