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PAS Scenario 2 – ‘Global Sparks’ Background Global Sparks (GS) is an international energy company headquartered in London. It employs almost 30,000 staff, 11,000 of which work in the US, and has an annual revenue of £14,800 million. It started buying local electricity suppliers in the US in the late 2000s, and built up a substantial group of companies on the West Coast. GS went through a process of consolidating its acquisitions into a single company, and in a now de-regulated market, it had to cut costs to keep its prices competitive. This led to the decision to outsource IT to an Indian company, and connect stand-alone systems to a network to enable remote operation and maintenance. Since then, there has been a period of growth, and…show more content…
He has recently been re-hired as a contractor to provide sysadmin support to a team developing a payments system for the new company. His line manager is his former colleague Alice, who has been promoted to Head of Agile Development in GS. Alice is very busy in her new role and pleased when John arrives. John offers to take over several of the tasks she currently does – including managing access privileges for the Agile Development team - and suggests Alice give him administrator access on all machines so take this task off her. Document Control In 2012, the US government introduced a new law, stating that documents containing sensitive information (such as locations and blueprints of power generating plants) have to be redacted. Access to un-redacted documents is from now on a strict need-to-know basis: only by employees whose work depends on access to the information can access the un-redacted provided they have: passed a 5-year security background check (this process takes 4 weeks once the documents have been submitted), and completed the online training course (takes 5-6 hours to complete) on how to protect sensitive information. The legislation makes possession of un-redacted documents by unauthorised persons a criminal offence, and allows governments to withdraw licences from any company found to allow access to unauthorised individuals. GS invests in a document management system to hold the un-redacted versions of documents, and appoints a
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