Analysis Of Gloria Naylor 's The Women Of Brewster Place

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Within Gloria Naylor’s “The Women of Brewster Place” and Amiri Baraka’s “Dutchman”, there is a heavy emphasis on society. Particularly how society influences interaction not just among African Americans, but interactions among whites and African Americans as seen is Baraka’s “Dutchman.” However, both novels also continue to portray a reoccurring theme that has been prevalent within this course, which is the struggle of African American’s in society. Throughout both works, society plays a large role on the interactions that occur both interracially and intraracially. In “The Women of Brewster Place”, Gloria Naylor represents many aspects that trouble African Americans faced during an era where whites looked down upon them. Naylor places a larger emphasis on society due to the living dynamic that is present during “The Women of Brewster Place.” Although, the novel is broken down into several different narratives, which focuses on certain individuals, it portrays a sense of community within each story told; therefore, linking society to each individual’s attitude and perspective. The community within Brewster place brings many different personalities together from many different generations. The reason for this is due to the setting of Naylor’s novel, which takes place in a large community of migrant African Americans. Living in a community with people who came from similar conditions causes the residents to bond over the hardships that many of them have faced. This…
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