Analysis Of Gloria 's Speech As A Letter

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In Gloria Anzaldua’s letter “Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to 3rd World Women Writers” she delivers her message of being a third world woman writer and how there is a constant struggle between conforming to gain a voice in the world of writing and staying true to your culture. She pulls pieces from her own life experiences and works from other looked over women writers of color to make her point and connect to her audience letting them know she is part of their plight to be heard. In my rewrite of the essay “A Letter in “tongues”” I changed the delivery from a letter to a free verse poem condense Anzaldua 's message from Writing Women of color to just discriminated women writers just in general. They both focused use of pathos and ethos but mine leans more towards ethos pointing out that the dominant ideology of english writing being the only way to be heard as a writer that it is denying the voice of writing women of color and that is ethically wrong not what has happened to herself to invoke feeling.
The main and important difference between me and Anzaldua 's works is delivery making that change from written to spoken word makes audience more clear from poetry slam to a written letter to women writers of color everywhere.The delivery is important because with something written sure it takes a great amount of courage to release it to the world, but you also get the safety net of looking over your work revising it so that audience can get your final copy which is the…
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