Analysis Of Goleman 's Three Dimensions Of Self Awareness

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Understanding people, the way that manager delegate with employees and human moment are always a main key in any organization. In this assignment, I will discuss about three points above. Firstly, evaluating myself in term of Goleman’s three dimensions of self-awareness. Secondly, there are several advantages of delegation and the most important steps to decide a delegating in the organization. Finally, the meaning of “the vanishing human moment” and why it is a serious issue. Understanding yourself mean you need to know clearly about your emotion, behavior and how you look like. Understand about yourself means understand other people. It helps them react in different circumstances. In an organization, if the managers aware about…show more content…
Finally, I might be limited in self-confident when I am in the situations which related to emotion problems. Sometime, these cases put pressure on me and I do not know how to solve it well. In any organizations, delegation regularly plays an important part and several benefits in the running effectively of an organization. Firstly, it is critical that the complicated progression will be broken down and assign to individual members. Because of this, it creates a connected working among them. Secondly, the managers also receive some personal benefits from delegation. They can have more time from the controlling the quantity of tasks that employees need to complete. The most important to support the advantages of delegation is that manager can detect abilities and push them to develop their talents. Moreover, managers can find out the most excellent worker. For example, from delegating, manager can defect and understand the skills, weakness, strength, work styles and personalities of staff. Hence, they can choose appropriate members to do the assignment which is suitable with the abilities of those members (Morake et al. 2012, p.156). As we talk about several advantages of delegation, it not only brings about the efficiency in management, but also develops employees. However, when the leaders decide to implement a delegating, they must calculate what will happen. If I decided to delegate a particular task,
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