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Goodnight Spaceman written by Michelle Robinson and Nick East is the first book that we will analyze. This book was published in April of 2016, meaning it was written three years after Round is a Tortilla. The main characters of this book are the two little boys and the reader follows them as they travel into space using their imagination. They link with their astronaut father and work on the spaceship before falling asleep back in their bed.
Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes written by Roseanne Greenfield Thong and illustrated by John Parra is the second book that we look at in the analysis. This short children’s book was published in February of 2013. The reader is following along as the author is listing the various shapes and
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On both pages, this individual of color is portrayed as smaller than the adult white male and placed in the background making seem as if he less important than the white individual. This reinforces the false stereotype that African-Americans are untrustworthy and incapable of holding positions of power. The reader is forced to believe that the white individual is the leader and giving orders to everybody else in the space station. This individual of color is also drawn smaller than the two young white males and anyone other than young children will now that this portrayal is false because children are always smaller than grown individuals. Minorities aren’t the only ones that are being discriminated in this short children’s book. Women are another major group of individuals that are being victimized by the authors. First, the reader is never introduced to a mother of the young children and we have to understand that most likely these young boys aren’t living alone. There are no pictures of her in the room and she is not coming up to tuck them in or shut their bedroom window. This leaves an older reader like myself to wonder if she is a neglectful parent because the author is showing no love on her part. However, there are some women found throughout the book but in the roles in which a male-dominated culture would see fit. The first sight of a woman is on the page in which the children

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