Analysis Of Gordon Marino 's ' A Life Beyond ' Do What You Love '

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Should we simply only do things that we are passionate about or do we need to do some things that we hate in order to meet our responsibilities? This is exactly what Gordon Marino strongly argues in “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’”. Gordon Marino has created a successful argument about doing what you love and how sometimes we have to do what we hate because we simply have to. He creates his argument by stating his credibility, using emotional tactics, raising a question and then immediately answering it, and asking questions that you immediately know the answer to.
Gordon Marino builds up his argument by stating his ethical character which strengthens his credibility. He provides the information about himself to reinforce his argument, and help with his credibility. At the very beginning of the essay, Gordon Marino states that Student advisees often come to my office (Page. 1, Para 1). This information lets us know that he spends his time advising students which gives us a since of his reputation. Gordon Marino also informs us of his occupation in order to strengthen his credibility. As an occupational counselor (Page. 1, Para 2). This lets us know that Gordon Marino is an occupational counselor, which lets us know that he is a believable source who is knowledgeable in the topic at hand. Other information provide support for Gordon Marino’s ethical character. When I am off campus and informally counseling economically challenged kids (Pg. 1&2, Para 6). Gordon Marino

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