Analysis Of Gouin 's Language Learning Experience

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Gouin’s language learning experience suggested that “learners should be taught directly and conceptually a “series” of connected sentences that are easy to perceive” (Brown, P43). The lesson was so successful “because the language was so easily understood, stored, recalled, and related to reality”(Brown, P44). After a generation, Dr. Berlitz established such approaches called Direct Method. The basic ideas of the theory are “that second language learning should be more like first language learning: lots of aclive oral interaction, spontaneous use of the language, no translation between first and second languages, and little or no analysis of grammatical rules” (Brown, P44). Finally summarized by Dr. Richards and Rodgers, the Direct Method has the following key principles: conduct classroom instruction only in the target language; teach only everyday vocabulary and sentences; design small, intensive class to encourage oral communication skills development; teach grammar inductively; teach concrete words through demonstration, objects, and pictures; teach abstract words by association of ideas; pay attention to vocabulary and pronunciation accuracy (Brown, P44). Therefore, to learners, the Direct Method means that in the classroom, translation is not allowed, and language meaning is conveyed through the usage of demonstration or supports of other media, like drawing, pictures or map. Comparing to the Grammar Translation Method, the feature of the Direct Method and the

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