Analysis Of Grave Of The Fireflies

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The film Grave of The Fireflies directed by Isao Takahata is based off true events and is set in Japan during World War 2, we have seen many movies set in the time of world war two however there are few movies which are portrayed from the losing side Japan. The movie follows two kids witnessing a bombing of their home, which subsequently killed their mother due to her being burned by the fire bombs. The movie is shown through the perspective of the boy’s ghost as it follows the life of himself and his younger sister through hardship and war. We see how the boy must step up to take care of his sister due to their mother’s death and the father who is at war, we see the bond between the brother and the sister goes beyond this life as the sister’s ghost watches over him and waits for him in the afterlife. I am going to be analysing two scenes in the film which shape the film because they have the most importance or detail in them. Scene 1 The scene starts with Seita unveiling a bucket and watching as fireflies disperse into the shelter that him and his sister are living in. We see, as the fireflies are released and lighting up the shelter and the faces of the kids as this gives them hope and a distraction of their harsh world that they are both living in. The siblings lie down and watch as the fireflies disperse throughout the shelter, we then see a different light in the shelter we can see a distinct difference between this light and the fireflies as they seem to be forming a

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