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From the novel Grendel (Gardner, 1971), Grendel is one of the three antagonists along with his mother and the dragon. Grendel has the combination of human and beast; he emerge in a society that mocks and threats him these scenes features racism and class level in the nineteenth century. Grendel is an individual who pleased to coexist with humanity, but also the murderous brute who kills for no reason. Grendel hears noises from the meadhall as he scramble through the woods. The twelve years of war causes Grendel to attack Hrothgar’s meadhall, and coldheartedly ravages the reckless community; this reflects to the African Americans who risked their lives protesting for their rights. Grendel, the grotesque of the society has many diversities to his character; he characterizes race, culture, and power. John Gardner uses the society to emphasis Grendel as the binary figure, who is the Otherness. Grendel’s desperation of fitting in the Danes society makes him a boundary dweller who portrays to slavery in the nineteenth century and racism in the twentieth century. Grendel wants to comprehend with the society but both have an antagonistic relationship between one another. Grendel lives under the water contributes to how slaves lives at the farms like animals; this illustrates how they isolate themselves from their society. Grendel is at war with the Danes for twelve years. The African Americans fought over twelve decades for their rights and powers. In the beginning of the novel,
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