Analysis Of Griselda Pollock, Mary Cassatt : Painter Of Women And Children

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Women are invested in conceptual knowledge in order to avoid being associated with social norms. In the article written by Griselda Pollock, Mary Cassatt: Painter of women and children,” the paintings expressed by Cassatt portray mental stimulation through the female gender. The article analyzes Cassatt’s famous portraits from the late 1800’s, that are drawn to recreate the idea of a “barrier between the spectator and the sitter” (282). One example of this method is, Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, 1876. This oil painting expresses Cassatt’s gratitude towards her intellectual inspirations. The painting also portrays an attentive distinction between the book and Mrs. Duffee. Cassatt uses the colors of blue and white in the woman’s dress and the book she is reading in order to express the importance of both beings. This use of color and style in her paintings presents the idea that Cassatt acknowledged more feminist styles other than intellectualism. Cassatt created a revelation of family life in her paintings. As described in the article, “only a woman can pose a child, dress it, adjust pins without pricking themselves.. this is family life painted with distinction and love” (288). Through this statement, Pollock is describing Cassatt’s ability to recreate charming characterizations through her subject of self discovery. She had the ability to recreate reality into her paintings, avoiding sexual differentiation and creating a sense of equality. Cassatt’s unique

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