Analysis Of Growing Up In The Catcher In The Rye

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The most convincing journey of Growing Up is Holden in The Catcher in The Rye, due to his constant encounters with common teenage issues. Problems with alcohol, relationships, school, and mental health all affected and constricted his ability to grow up and mature. Holden’s constant conflicts amongst all of his relationships in the story is apparent. From not having support from his family to the death of his brother, Holden has had a tough road with people in general. When Holden’s relationships come to mind, it is hard to find one that his healthy and kindness is reciprocal. Holden’s parents were not there for him as a child and chose not to help him grow up and become a man, they instead sent him to a very fancy private school,…show more content…
If Holden was truly mature and levelheaded, then more rational decisions such as not leaving school and instead trying to succeed and comprehending his brothers death in a more beneficial way to himself and his family would have come up. Another obvious sign of Holden’s obvious immaturity is his obsession with mature things including sex and alcohol. If Holden was truly more mature than his age, which was TWELVE at the time, then he would have recognized these things as aspects of everyday life. While Holden repeatedly exclaims how he is older than his age and wants to be a man, he truly only like the idea of it. A very mature and adult-like thing to do is travel alone and explore by yourself. Holden did this, in his own city. When Holden was with Sunny, she was ready to have sex with him, and Holden changed his mind at the last second and blamed it on her age and mannerisms. Truly, Holden only like the idea of being an adult and drinking, smoking, and having sex. It is common amongst kids to idolize and revere adult life and what comes with it. Holden considered himself and adult, which is ironic because of his idolization of adult culture he is only seen as more immature and child-like. This novel was not seen as a strong growing up story until the end of the novel when
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