Analysis Of Guillermo Del Toro 's Pans Labyrinth

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In Guillermo del Toro’s Pans Labyrinth, Ofelia struggles to find her roots back into the world where she is a legendary princess. She explores a labyrinth in which she meets a Faun, Pan, who tells her she must complete three dangerous tasks to claim immortally. Through these dangerous tasks, del Toro clearly depicts the theme of rebellion. To further enhance the theme of rebellion, del Toro uses many elements of mise-en-scene. In scenes where Ofelia and other antagonists rebel, the props, lighting, costumes, and the setting are set so it the viewer can directly see and feel the rebellion. This is clear in the many scenes where Ofelia rebels, as well as the scenes where Mercedes rebels. As soon as Ofelia reaches the Captain’s house, she sees a labyrinth and is immediately fascinated by it. Looking at the labyrinth on a sunny day, it was very dark, gloomy, scary, and a place that no one would want to go. Mercedes warns Ofelia about the labyrinth and tells her not to go in it. Soon, we see Ofelia rebel and go into the labyrinth as one of the “fairies” leads her into it during the night when Carmen is asleep. Looking at the fairy, the viewer is confused. Usually fairies wear bright, colorful, and beautiful costumes. However, in this case, the fairy was disguised as a bug first, but then turns into a dark and unappealing fairy. Nonetheless, Ofelia follows the fairy into the labyrinth, and we learn that a young girl should not be going into place like the labyrinth especially
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